About Dr. Wright

Me Dr. Wright is a general dentist with training in dental implants, veneers, TMJ dysfunction,  migraine relief, and dental cosmetic procedures. He provides complete dental care in a friendly and warm environment. Dr. Wright is happily married and enjoys weekend getaways with his family. 


After receiving a degree in Zoology from Brigham Young University (Utah), Dr. Wright attended Augusta College (Georgia) to research poloxamer binding to red blood cells at Fort Gordon before attending dental school. Since graduating from the Marquette University School of Dentistry (Wisconsin) he takes regular advanced training courses in the latest dental innovations and technologies.

He received an award from the American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry and completed a post-graduate advanced dental residency in Fresno. As part of the residency here, Dr. Wright increased his skills in advanced dental procedures, in hospital dentistry, and in emergency techniques while working at the UMC Emergency Department. In addition to working at the UMC dental clinic, he also worked at the VA Hospital, and the Mendota Dental Clinic.

The most important treatment that he offers, is something that he personally made and uses. It’s the NTI, and is the absolutely best thing that has controlled his debilitating migraines. He was getting nearly 3 migraine episodes per week with poor results from even the best neurologist in town. Since Dr. Wright started wearing the NTI, his migraines are now but a distant memory.


Dr. Wright has been featured on the Great Day morning show on KMPH (Fox 26) discussing migraine headache treatment with the NTI, KGPE (CBS 47) news, the Fresno Bee, and Fresno magazine. In addition, he has given lectures to local businesses and dentists on anti-aging health.