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Our practice is located North of Shaw on Palm, across from the beautiful Fig Garden Village shopping center. We are just across the street from Chipotle’s, in the middle of the 5151 professional office suites facing Palm Avenue. At our practice you will find a comfortable and friendly atmosphere, where we will provide the ultimate dental care for your oral health needs. We provide family and cosmetic dental care, and consider you part of our ever growing family… and of course, we are always “accepting new patients”. Dr. Wright

Do you suffer from migraines and are not satisfied with your present treatment? Would you like to be one of the 82% of migraine sufferers who find 77% relief from their symptoms without having to take medications with all those side effects? Have you ever wanted to have whiter teeth? Do you feel uncomfortable with your smile? Contact our office to schedule an appointment to see us. I look forward to providing you with the most innovative and advanced dental care to help you achieve the smile you deserve.

I believe everybody should feel incredible and confident about their smile. This is why I enjoy providing dental care; helping people leave our office with a beautiful smile, excited to show it to their friends and family. We use the most advanced digital methods and materials to create your confident smile, as seen with the before and after photos in this website. After all, you deserve to feel happy and confident. It’s amazing how much a change in one’s smile affects their personality and outlook on life! The greatest complement is when we get referrals from family members and friends. We look forward to meeting you one day at our office!

Our Practice Philosophy

Working together in the decision making process is how we provide you with personalized care to fit your wants and needs. Whether it be whiter teeth or a complete smile rejuvenation, the decision is up to you. What separates our practice from the others, is the choices we offer, and the technology to provide it (such as 3-D digital x-rays, which significantly reduce the amount of radiation you are exposed to). We also offer metal free crowns and bridges, using the most advanced systems available today (E-Max, Empress, Zirconium). This avoids those ugly black lines along the gumline of your old crowns.

Ultimate Dental Care

How important is your smile? Actors, celebrities, politicians, and successful business people all know it can make or break their careers. A brighter, straighter, youthful smile boosts your self-esteem, radiating new confidence, and benefits all aspects of your life. We help you maintain your youthful smile for a lifetime.

Invisible aligners, affordable implants, whitening, dentures/ partials, healthier gums and veneers, are just a few of the options we use to transform your smile. Dr. Wright was trained by the inventor of the NTI, the only FDA approved dental treatment for the prevention of migraine, headache and jaw pain. He understands your pain, and wears the NTI himself to prevent migraines!

So go ahead, feel better about yourself and eliminate that feeling of embarrassment with a brighter, straighter, more youthful smile. You deserve it!

We care about you.