Tooth Whitening

Methods of Whitening

  • Home Whitening:Overnight whitening (10%) works best due to the duration the material is on the tooth  ($200)
  • In-Office Whitening:Each one hour appointment is roughly equivalent to one weeks worth of Home Whitening ($200/ appointment). Can be combined with the Home Whitening and one In-Office Whitening ($400)


  • Research indicates you can safely whiten teeth on a daily basis for 12 months with NO adverse side affects on your teeth
  • Temporary sensitivity is NORMAL, and occurs about 73% of the time no matter which type of whitening is used
  • Whitening is 97% effective
  • The whitening material our practice uses continues to work 48 hours after it is removed
  • The whitening material not only whitens your teeth, but it also has been shown to reduce cavities and reduce plaque buildup on your teeth
  • The whitening material does not have to touch all of the tooth to whiten all of it, it spreads throughout the tooth while it is in contact  (hint, hint, use it during orthodontic/ braces treatment)
  • Yes, whitening your teeth will make your sexier, feel better about yourself, and help you look younger and more healthy (not a guarantee…)
  • The results are permanent; however, your teeth can stain again depending on your diet.  As such, we offer Touch-Up Kits.

Touch-Up Kits available:  2 tubes whitening gel ($25)