Migraine & TMJ Relief

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hj834f7u (left) When there is temporalis contraction (clenching) exclusively (no lateral pterygoid activity, that is, not sideways of forward movement), the jaw joint and sinuses are less strained, while resultant temporalis pain may be considerable. Tension-type headache patients without jaw disorders clench their jaws 14 times more intensely while sleeping than do asymptomatic controls You can feel your temporalis muscles bulging out when clenching vigorously.

“Traditional” full coverage dental mouthpieces.


Top: Soft and covers over the entire arch Bottom: Hard and covers only the biting surfaces


A traditional dental mouthpiece, or splint, reduces the resistance to side-to-side movement thereby reducing the effort and resultant strain to the jaw joint and sinuses (so long as clenching intensity isn’t too intense). However, the same splint also provides an ideal clenching surface, where maximum clenching intensity may increase and/or allow jaw joint problems to perpetuate.


The NTI device is a pre-fabricated matrix that your dentist retro-fits and customizes to your front teeth (sometimes the device is adapted to the lower front teeth…it will still work the same).



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